Joseph E. Billotti, S.J.

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Professional Accomplishments

Artist Joseph E. Billotti, S.J. has a rich history of involvement in the arts - from theatre to painting. His commitment to education and professional development is exceeded only by his rich artistic imagination. Contact him today to learn more about his distinctive pieces.


  • Master of Arts — Fordham University, NY
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Appl. Math.) — Brown University, RI
  • Prof. Dipl. Sec. Ed. — Fordham University, NY

Professional Accomplishments

  • Exhibit (April 2018) — O'Toole Library, St. Perer's University, Jersey City, NJ  
  • Associate Professor — LeMoyne College (NY)
  • Chair, Math — LeMoyne
  • President, AAUP — LeMoyne Chapter
  • Visiting Professor — CIEA del IPN (Mexico City)
  • Summer Scholar — Princeton (NJ); IAS, Princeton (NJ); IHS (France); Northwestern University (IL)
  • President — Canisius High School, Buffalo (NY)
  • Director — Ponape Agricultural and Trade School (Pohnpei, FSM)
  • Superintendent of Catholic Schools — Saipan, CNMI
  • Built St. Jude Thaddeus Church, Chose Stained Glass Windows (Saipan, CNMI)

Professional Development

  • Studied under Michael F. Tunney.
  • Mentored by Oscar Magnan
  • Taught Himself Drawing (Perspective, Free-Hand, and Human Anatomy)
  • Designed Hand-Tooled Women's Handbags
  • Made Clay and Cloth Puppets
  • Designed and Produced Programs for High School Theater Productions
  • Worked as a Stage Manager for High School Theater Productions
  • Ran a Middle School Math Club Using Geometers' Sketchpad
    Photographed Sights — USA, Europe, Mexico, Scandinavia, Micronesian Islands (Western Pacific), Australia, Thailand, and the Philippines
  • Acted in Numerous Plays — Brutus in his high school production of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar; later, played Everyman in medieval play, Everyman